Carenotch is the world’s most advanced telehealth platform for
at-home rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems


Carenotch is the world’s most advanced telehealth platform for
at-home rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems

Precise 3D Posture Reconstruction

Carenotch technology enables biomechanical analysis rehabilitative exercises, patients functional condition, range of motion, strength, mobility and balance.

Real-Time Exercise Feedback

Carenotch application guides the patient through exercises with live verbal feedback spoken in real human voice based on real-time biomechanical analysis of patient's exercise technique.

Live Data Monitoring

CareNotch cloud presents the clinician with data-driven insights about patient's adherence, performance and recovery.


Recovery That Empowers

The patient receives Carenotch sensors and mobile application with personalized and interactive rehabilitative exercises.
In under 5 minutes and without special training they can get on the path to recovery.

Enjoyable: interactive exercises are fun and easy to follow
Convenient: patients can continue rehabilitation anywhere and on stay on schedule
Cost saving: increased adherence reduces the recovery time
Efficient: patient remains connected with informed healthcare professionals

The product that started it all

Here is what our customers say about Carenotch sister product Yoganotch - AI yoga assistant launched in 2020.

Yoganotch was part of the TOP12 IoMT companies 2020 on Medica

My most rewarding gadget in the lockdown!
Veronika, Yoganotch practitioner
Rather than a one-way experience, the technology enables a two-way experience, confirming that you are not just moving, but moving correctly.
I’m loving my Yoganotch and am continually amazed by how much my awareness and form is improved with using it.
Jan, Yoganotch practitioner

Remote Care that connects

Carenotch reduces the workload for clinicians, streamlines the patient-doctor communication, and increases patient's satisfaction and understanding of the rehabilitation process

Personalized Rehabilitation Therapy
Easy tracking of patient progress
Continuous communication between doctor, physiotherapist and patient

Our customers move smarter

CareNotch is built on top of Notch technology platform used by Fortune-500 companies, world's top universities and largest healthcare organizations.


End-to-end Telerehabiliation
for High Value Care

Carenotch provides medical centers with instant access to real-time patient data, reports, cost-savings with dependable technology validated by real-world applications.

Personalized Rehabilitation Therapy
Easy Tracking of Patient's Progress
Continous communications

Exercise. Analyze. Connect.

After 7+ years of R&D Carenotch is the most advanced and cost-effective telerehabilitation solution on the market.

2000+ Developers & Researchers

Notch devices are used by companies from startups to Fortune-500.

25+ Peer-Reviewed Publications

Notch technology has been thoroughly validated by world's top universities and has been featured in numerous peer-reviewed publications on healthcare, ergonomics and sports science.


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3D motion sensors capture movement and analyze right away

Worn on two adjunct body parts, the Carenotch 3D motion sensors track the 3D joint angle of the given joint, and send it to the smart phone in real-time. The CareNotch app processes and analyze the data, and monitors rehabilitation outcomes such as ROM, mobility, strength and balance.

During rehabilitation, Carenotch gives instant audio feedback on patient's exercise form

Carenotch app has hundreds of biomechanical exercise models, that are used to evaluate patient's motions in real-time. This allows to detect flaws and incorrect postures in the exercises and provide immediate verbal feedback on exercise technique spoken in real human human voice.

100-s of exercises

Hundreds of biomechanical models for most popular rehabilitative exercises.

Beyond Camera Analysis

Unlike camera-based systems, Notch sensors record motion in true 3D space, and capture fine rotations, overlooked by cameras due to line of sight  and field-of-view limitations

Continuous Reinforcement

Real-time verbal feedback shortens the time for correction and makes the rehabilitation safer, more rewarding and more effective

Measure Any Joint

Carenotch allows hundreds of configurations that make precise joint mobility and ROM analysis cost-effective and user-friendly.

Path to Telehealth

Our  team is here to help you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate tele-rehabilitation within your system.
With clear processes and flexible feature-set we can meet all your needs and deploy your tele-health solution within months or even weeks.

Cost-Effective Technology

Even with accessories, chargers, phone holder and packaging CareNotch multi-sensor kit costs less than an old-school smartwatch.


Customizable Features

CareNotch App can be tailored to your own preferences. Carenotch app library has hundreds of exercises, but new exercises can be added by people without engineering background using simple online interface.   

100s of exercises

Quick Deployment

Carenotch patient-facing app, cloud analytics and exercise library are fully customizable and ready for real-world pilot in less than 3 weeks.

3 week trial


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